Crazy Katsu ~ Maginhawa

Last week, I was listening to Francis Kong’s talk, thru Youtube. I heard that his child owns Crazy Katsu, together with his Japanese business partner. 

Luckily, my husband, who works at Maginhawa asked me to eat out with our son. Hehehe. 🙂 I craved for Crazy Katsu.

Chicken Katsu is my favorite. As I remember, it’s my fourth time ordering this from their menu. What makes it good for me is the soy+vinegar sauce and freshly chopped red pepper.

I do not suggest this for KIDS, because of course, it’s a spicy. 


Razons of Guagua: Comfort food

When thinking about what-to-eat is difficult, because of stress or when Im feeling down, there’s an easy way to easily satisfy me. I’ll pick #Razon’s. 🙂

Halo halo is white and creamy. But as I compare, Guagua branch serves more milk. 

It’s also my mother’s favorite. I enjoy eating this with her. Now I miss her more:)

I’m also a big fan of their pancit luglug, some calls it palabok. The portion is not generous but enough to fill my tummy. 

Here’s the menu I got from Trinoma branch as of April 26 2017.

UP Diliman ~ Holy Friday walk

Last Holy Friday, I decided to go somewhere because I have LOOONG VACATION 🙂

But sadly, nearby malls were closed down so I landed at UP Diliman for a short stroll. 

Most stalls were closed, but luckily, I was able to buy squidballs and, tokneneng near Vinzons Hall.

Taho was available too, in different areas of the campus. Sadly, buttered corn with margarine was sold out. 

CHUBS CHASERS [Visayas Avenue Branch] ~ Sure find for something delicious

So here’s the list of what I ate last Sunday from Chubs Chasers.


This plate is good for 2-3 people. For those who love barbecued meat, you should try this. From 1 to 10, I will rate this as 7.


This! I love chicken pandan from Chubs, the meat is so tender, and additional vinegar dip enhanced the flavor of the dish. 

I strongly recommend this!


Im not a fan of vege, but this made it to my list of FAVE. 🙂

Beans, tofu, mushroom and garlic blend so well and it creates an awesome flavor. Super THUMBS UP for this one.


Until next time 🙂 

Baguio Food Trip ~ Ihaw Juan BBQ buffet

Ihaw Juan is an affordable place for people who love UNLIMITED grilled meat and veggies. Hihihi

This is how the signage looks.

For only 199pesos you can enjoy a feast of fresh meat and (super fresh) veggies.  Just add 45pesos for unli drinks. 

The scene from our table.

Please do not compare this little business with big buffet restos in Manila. It is just a simple store so don’t expect fine dining here. It’s not airconditioned (of course, this is Baguio).
You may bump with the locals eating at this place too, so be willing to share your table with everyone else if possible.

I highly recommend the beef slices. So good. It is the highlight of my lunch. From the picture below, checkout the second line of trays, the one in the middle of bbq and chicken tocino. Thimbs up!

You can request for additional charcoal if needed. It’s free of charge.

Best time: lunch (more affordable)

Wholesome Table ~ H.V. dela Costa

Wholesome Table serves organic meals and drinks so the price is quiet pricey.

I tasted BE PURE and BE REFRESHING drinks. (It costs Php 250 per bottle).
I recommend BE REFRESHING drink, cause it tastes sweet and it contains carrot. For BE PURE, it smells like a mixture or grass and soil, maybe because it contains beet.

I also tried their BUKO juice, and I’m not so sure if it’s fresh cause it smells odd. I do understand that the sweetness of the juice may depend on the coconut fruit. Anyway, I don’t like it. (Php 180)

If you are a vegan, and you like the taste of curry and spices, you will might like BUDDAH BOWL. (Price ranges from 230 – 300 per bowl).

I love YAKITORI BOWL most. It contains crispy chicken skin, bbq and brown rice. 

The place is very nice and comfy, it’s worth a try. Next time, I’ll try pasta and pizza. 🙂

Cafe in the Sky, Tuba Baguio ~ longing for the happiness in a cup of coffee

I keep coming back to Baguio, I can’t count how many times I have visited the place. Lot’s of sweet memories are forever remembered and tasted. 

I went to La Presa last May 2015. And I was mesmerized with the vegetables planted everywhere. The cold wind swayed my hair. I promised to myself that I would come back. I loved everything.

Cabbage planted everywhere, all ready for harvest.

Fresh produce – Brocolli sold at very low price. 

After a year, I revisited La Presa, last may 2016, and this time I decided to add Cafe in the Sky as part of my itinerary. 

I ordered a cup of latte and cheeseburger. Price ranges from 150-200 pesos.

Latte – freshly brewed coffee beans. Strong taste and aroma. I highly recommend this.

Cheeseburger platter – with super fresh veggies from neighbouring plantation, crispy nachos and generous amount of cheeeeese. I super love the cheese, as you can see the small cup that looks like butter. 

(I requested for additional lettuce and tomatoes, and I received a big portion of veggies).

I felt sad because the road going to Cafe in the Sky is now closed to avoid environmental abuse (that’s what I heard).  If you really want to visit the place, I highly suggest that you arrange an appointment with the owner. Let them know if you really want to visit.

Contact details:

You can call Marlon or Rey or Janine 09464842437 (smart) or 09060376002 (globe) to assist visitors going up the cafe. Thanks

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